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Founded in October 2011, Dopeng Electric (China) Operation Center is a professional high-end electric water heater brand under Zhongshan Wanmit Electric Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful and fertile Pearl River Delta, China's small household appliances kingdom - China Zhongshanfeng From the very beginning, Dopeng Technology has the blood of technological innovation. With a forward-looking vision and innovative thinking, it has been committed to designing and manufacturing smarter, more comfortable, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly future. Electric water heater products, let users experience the future, feel the future, known as China's all-intelligent fast-selling brand, Wanmite Electric Company is known as a manufacturer of electric water heaters with technological innovation.

Dop is always convinced that only the leading edge of technological innovation can always maintain its leading position in the brand. Following the launch of intelligent thermostat technology, remote cloud control technology, smart touch technology, automatic energy-saving technology, security technology, water bath technology, etc. In the past, we will continue to invest huge sums of money, increase research and development efforts, and provide smarter and more technological future electric water heater products for Chinese families.

Looking forward to the future, the company will develop its order in a stable manner, forming an industrial pattern of industrial diversification, scale, management specialization, business regionalization and management differentiation, aiming at maximizing the overall value of the enterprise and further improving the organizational structure and management mode of the enterprise. , endeavor to produce excellent products for the majority of dealer friends, and provide excellent service! Customer satisfaction is our eternal purpose. We will work together with our customers to create brilliance through more efforts with better products and more sincere service!






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